We are often asked what is the connection between Mixed Martial Arts and garbage removal?

The simple answer to this question, Good Garbage was founded in December of 2011 to employ the out of work athletes and gym members of Alive MMA and CrossFit Woodstock. We believe that by taking care of our gym members and providing honest handwork for the community is not only the best business model, it is the only business model. We encourage you to come and visit our gym and drop in for one of the many different classes we have.

Good Garbage is a proud member of the Alive MMA Family of Businesses. Every single one of our employees, including management, are part of the Alive community.
What does it mean for you?

We operate on Alive MMA’s principles of Health, Truth, Contribution, and Community.
These four pillars influence our decisions on the job, in the gym and at home. We pledge to act in accordance to these principles when serving you.